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Our Top FAQs

Anyone can purchase and use Jetpac, as long as you have an eSIM-enabled phone. Have an existing AT&T or T-Mobile mobile line? No sweat! Start enjoying all the perks of Jetpac when you travel 'cuz data roaming has never been easier!

Yes, please ensure that your phone is unlocked before purchasing a Jetpac eSIM. Only unlocked phones are compatible with eSIMs.

Jetpac is an eSIM which allows you to activate a data pack without the use of physical SIMs.

Check if your device is eSIM-enabled here.

You'll be prompted to download your Jetpac eSIM immediately after purchase. Once downloaded, remember to turn on data roaming in your phone settings so that your eSIM can latch onto an allowed network once you're overseas.

Once successfully latched overseas, your data roaming pack will activate and you can roam without worry for the duration of its validity. Absolutely nothing else that you'd need to do. We also have our app that you can download to check your data balance and manage your account. We will guide you through each step along the way so you will have a hassle-free data roaming experience!

After your trip, hang on to your Jetpac eSIM. You can simply buy another pack when you're ready to data roam again, no need to redownload another eSIM.

Not traveling yet? No worries! You can still download your eSIM first, and activate it just before you travel.

Your data pack is valid for 1 year post the purchase date! It will be activated once you connect to a network overseas, and the data pack will last for the duration of its validity So pro tip, install your eSIM first but keep it turned off until you land!

We cannot provide certainty on network connections as it defers per location, but you will be experiencing LTE/4G connections and in certain places, 5G!

Yes you can! Please download our app after you purchase a pack, and proceed to install your eSIM. We highly encourage you to leave it switched off until you land in your travel destination to avoid the data pack activating.

Absolutely not, the data you buy is the data you get! For example, if you've purchased a Explorer pack, you can use up to 20GB in the 30 days validity period from the time your pack activates

SmartDelay is a unique service that offers complimentary airport lounge access in the event of a flight delay or cancellation.

You register your flight with the SmartDelay service before travelling (up to 2 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure). If the airline announces a delay that meets or exceeds the qualifying delay threshold, you will receive a LoungeKey™ voucher that provides access to a lounge at the airport where you are delayed. LoungeKey™ gives you access to a network of over 1000 airport lounges worldwide.

Delays are based on 'gate' delay reporting from airlines and airports to FlightStats (our third party flight data tracker). Should FlightStats report a qualifying delay the system will issue the lounge vouchers. A delay can be made up of one single announcement or a cumulation of individual announcements adding up to the delay threshold.

If you have an Apple device, you have the option to use both your physical SIM card and your Jetpac eSIM at the same time. Opt for the physical SIM card to make phone calls and sending text messages, while you can use the Jetpac eSIM for your data roaming needs as the primary line for mobile data.

Ensure that you turn off data roaming for your SIM card to avoid data specific charges, and keep in mind that if you keep your SIM card active, your mobile network provider might impose roaming fees for both incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages.

No, you don't need to! You can keep the eSIM for future use. Once you've downloaded the Jetpac eSIM, all you need to do is top up with a new pack everytime you travel.

Yes, you can hotspot to other devices with our eSIM - sharing is caring!

Jetpac eSIM provides cellular data that allows data roaming internationally.

Unfortunately, we do not allow calls and text messages with the eSIM.

However, you can make calls through and text messages via the social messaging platforms like Whatsapp with our eSIM mobile data.

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